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Senior Case Manager




Harbin Instituted of Technology


Chinese, English

About Me

Cindy is a Case Manager at Law Office of Xiaomin Hu, P.C. She has extensive experience in the areas of L-1, E-2, H-1B, EB-1C, employment-based adjustments, and alien employment certifications through the U.S. Department of Labor.

Previously, Cindy has more than 10 years’ human resources experiences in a Fortune 500 company, and therefore, she is very familiar with enterprise operations and management practices which lays a solid foundation for her in the field of employment-based immigration.

Cindy received her bachelor's degree from Harbin Instituted of Technology and majored in English for Science and Technology.


Focus Areas 

  • Nonimmigrant petitions for multinational managers and executives Professional workers, investors (L-1, H-1B)

  • Employment-based immigration(EB-1C)

  • Labor Certification(Perm)


非常感谢胡律师和Cindy。我公司原本的律师基于我专业和工作不直接匹配居然不建议我直接申请H1B(她认为希望不大),哪怕是已经中签了。 于是我转而找到胡律师来帮我申请H1B,他们非常专业的利用我已经修的课程和我工作的关联来提交申请信,最后顺利一次过关(没有RFE)。
胡律师和Cindy在沟通和效率上都非常的令我满意,专业程度也是行业的top tier。

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