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EB2 and EB3
For graduate students and undergraduate students who have  permanent job offers

EB2 and EB3 are employment-based, second preference and third preference immigration categories. For most EB2 and all EB3 applications, a permanent job offer, and an approved labor certification are required. EB2 is for employees holding an advanced degree or its equivalent or possessing an exceptional ability. EB3 is for skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.


   There are three stages for EB2 and EB3 petitions:


  • Obtain a labor certification through PERM (The

         Program Electronic Management Review

         System) by submitting appropriate forms to the

         Department of Labor

  • File I-140 immigration petition based on EB2 or

        EB3 by submitting the appropriate documents

        to USCIS

  • Adjust status (if the beneficiary is in the U.S.) or apply for immigration visa (if the beneficiary is outside U.S.).

The PERM process includes the following steps:


  • Determining position title, job duties, and minimum requirements

  • Requesting a PWD (prevailing wage determination) from the Department of Labor

  • Conducting recruitment to prove that there are no other U.S. qualified employees

  • Submitting the final package with recruitment records for certification



Why hire us for PERM

Due to government backlogs, obtaining permanent resident through the PERM process has become an arduous task that may take up to two years to complete. A mistake in any step can force the employer to start the whole process all over again, wasting months or even years. Also, obtaining an immigration visa through PERM requires dealing with three government entities, including the Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State (if applicable). Each stage has different forms and documentation necessary to ensure success. An experienced attorney with several years of experience working on PERM cases can strategize the legal arguments and document collection to effectively avoid issues and respond to any government pushback.


At the Law Office of Xiaomin Hu, we have many attorneys and staff with years of experience in PERM-based immigration petitions. We provide unique and outstanding immigration services to make a difference for our clients. Each case, either big or small, will be evaluated and handled by an immigration attorney who collaborates with the team to provide top-notch service. We will put ourselves in your shoes and deliver the best result for clients. We provide a compassionate and understanding approach as well as professional immigration knowledge.

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