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For multinational executives or managers

EB1C is an immigration visa reserved specifically for multinational executives or managers. For EB1C petitions, a labor certification is not required, but, unlike EB1A, a permanent employment offer is required. So, an employer must sponsor the EB1C petition. The backlog on EB1C is generally “Current,” which means a visa is often available immediately after receiving EB1C approval.


Major requirements of EB1C include the following:


  • U.S. petitioner has a qualifying relationship with the foreign entity aboard (e.g., affiliate, parent, or subsidiary)

  • Beneficiary was employed in a managerial or executive capacity by the foreign entity aboard for at least one year within 3 years preceding his/her application for admission or entry as a nonimmigrant.

  • Beneficiary will work in a managerial or executive capacity at the U.S. petitioner.

  • U.S. petitioner and foreign entity have been actively engaged in “doing business” for at least one year. Doing business means the company is regularly, systematically, and continuously providing goods and/or services.

  • U.S. petition has the ability to pay the proffered salary of the EB1C beneficiary

Why hire us for EB1C

EB1C is a very complex petition because of the different elements and factors that must be considered regarding the U.S. and foreign employers and positions, as well as the qualifying relationship and beneficiary qualifications. Further, as shown above, immigration law defines many terms, such as managerial and executive, using non-common and strict criteria that many businesses do not apply in their daily operations. Moreover, the EB1C petition must pay attention to every detail of the U.S. and foreign company’s operations, from legal compliance, financials, and business documents to organizational structure, staffing levels, and products and services. An experienced attorney with several years of experience working on EB1C cases can strategize the legal arguments and document collection to effectively avoid issues and respond to USCIS pushback.

At the Law Office of Xiaomin Hu, we have many attorneys and staff with years of experience in EB1C petitions. We provide unique and outstanding immigration services to make a difference for our clients. Each case, either big or small, will be evaluated and handled by an immigration attorney who collaborates with the team to provide top-notch service. We will put ourselves in your shoes and deliver the best result for clients. We provide a compassionate and understanding approach as well as professional immigration knowledge.

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