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For multinational executives or managers

EB1C is an immigration visa reserved specifically for multinational executives or managers. For EB1C petitions, a labor certification is not required, but, unlike EB1A, a permanent employment offer is required. So, an employer must sponsor the EB1C petition. The backlog on EB1C is generally “Current,” which means a visa is often available immediately after receiving EB1C approval.


Major requirements of EB1C include the following:


  • U.S. petitioner has a qualifying relationship with the foreign entity aboard (e.g., affiliate, parent, or subsidiary)

  • Beneficiary was employed in a managerial or executive capacity by the foreign entity aboard for at least one year within 3 years preceding his/her application for admission or entry as a nonimmigrant.

  • Beneficiary will work in a managerial or executive capacity at the U.S. petitioner.

  • U.S. petitioner and foreign entity have been actively engaged in “doing business” for at least one year. Doing business means the company is regularly, systematically, and continuously providing goods and/or services.

  • U.S. petition has the ability to pay the proffered salary of the EB1C beneficiary







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